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Winter Break in Lithuania

If you are now planning your winter holiday break, how about a snowy holiday in Kaunas,Lithuania? The city is well prepared for the long winter months and you will be surprised how much you would enjoy such an unusual destination. When booking your flight don’t forget that it will be winter in Britain also, so to prevent being delayed getting to the airport, make sure you book one of the many gatwick hotels with parking to make going to and fro from the airport easy.

Kaunas is Lithuania’s second largest city with over 300,000 inhabitants. Because for a period of time it was the capital a lot of investment has gone into the city. Having a short break in February or March is not necessarily the normal time to go on holiday but it is a great time to go to a city that in the heart of winter knows how to handle it. The temperature will be about -15 degrees Celcius outside and before going outside it will take about fifteen minutes to dress up and when coming back inside another ten minutes removing unwanted clothing. This doesn’t delay the Lithuanians as they are used to it. Despite the extreme conditions all services run normally and on time.

You don’t have to worry when visiting one of the many museums in Kaunas as they are all well heated and they have coat rooms where you can safely leave all your outdoor attire. Cold draughts don’t manage to get into the museums either.

Supermarkets have secure lockers where you can safely leave your coats, hats, scarves, gloves and sledges. If you are feeling a little cool inside, downing some vodka is quite acceptable. As there will be snow all around you, you might as well take advantage of it. You can acquire sledges in the local supermarket and slide your way around Kaunas. If building snowmen is your thing you can go over the river to the park and build snowmen or snow women until your heart is content. At the same time you can yank off large chunks of ice drag them onto the bridge and push them with a crash into the frozen river below.

On the bridge over the frozen river some couples have attached padlocks through the bars with both their names engraved on them. If you want to do this, there is a shop off the north side selling suitable long hasp padlocks which will go around the very thick bars on the bridge. The gist is pretty clear and the bridge to the park is an ideal location to continue. Failing this, secure yours onto one that is already in place.

All in all, visiting Kaunas in winter gives you a good window on a country that can handle the cold. You can guarantee that the plane flight will be on time returning to Gatwick as the Lithuanians know how to look after their runways in winter.

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