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The Magic That Is Jumeirah Beach Of Dubai

By Gryffindor – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The experience of holidaying in Dubai is in a class by itself. Tourists from all over the world throng to this amazing city for its unparalleled architectural wonders and excitement it provides. Of course the beach is an integral part of Dubai and the Jumeirah beach is one of the best in town. To get the best out of your Dubaiholiday, visiting the Jumeirah beach is a must. When it comes to a beach holiday, people choose this particular beach for more reasons than one.

The beach is along a stretch of land of the Arabian Gulf bordered by the line of Jumeirah Beach hotels in Dubai. The sand of the Jumeirah is very soft white and the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf when touching the shores it creates a mystical and magical atmosphere that enchants the tourist. This is the best spot for holidays because the lifestyle here integrates a lifestyle which has all the pleasures of life that you can enjoy with your families, friends and couples.

The Jumeirah beach facilities can cater to tourists of any age with any need. No matter whether the tourist is part of a family or has landed there for business purposes, the beach has something for everyone. For example, the Jumeirah beach hotel is particularly recommended for the business traveler. The facilities offered by the hotel make tasks like holding a conference or a corporate event seems like a walk in the park. The nightlife can be filled with extravaganza that you might not have experienced before. Dining out is usually an elaborate and luxurious event. Of course the food somehow tastes better when you have it while watching the sparkling waves of the Arabian Gulf gently crashing against the immaculate white sands beside you.

Jumeirah beach is also known to be a foodies paradise. Have whatever you want whenever you want it. Have your lazy breakfast watching the shallow coastal water, have your afternoon meal watching the vast ocean beside you or have a cozy nightcap with someone you love sitting under the clear sky dazzling with simmering stars. The romance in the air is undeniable. Want some legwork and body exercise? Go for windsurfing, water skiing, sailing or scuba diving ” they are all there waiting for you.

Over and above the Jumeirah beach there is yet another high point of interest for the tourist and that is the Jumeirah mosque. This is one of Dubais most important landmarks and perhaps one of the most photographed monuments of our time. An architectural masterpiece this mosque combines the medieval Fatimid style with modern Islamic structural design. Other places of attraction in Dubai include the Jumeirah centre, Park Island and Wild Wadi Dubai.

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