Mykonos – the Greek Party Island

It might be too hot soon in the Greek Islands, so now is the time to take off for a fun break to the island of Mykonos in the central Aegean. The sea temperature is warming up just right for all the many water sports available on the island. Before setting off for the four hour flight from Gatwick, you can spend a night at agatwick hotel with parking and set off in the morning on a ten minute bus or taxi ride to the airport while leaving your car for a minimal cost for safe keeping until your return.

Like on many other Greek islands, the town of Hora itself has a vast number of tiny, narrow alleyways almost too narrow for cars but a delight to meander around especially if this is the first Greek island you have ever been to. The streets are crowded with all manner of shops selling just about everything a tourist might want to buy. This includes designer clothing with leading names represented. This is a good place to shop at the start of your holiday so that you have trendy gear to wear while walking around Mykonos town or on the beach. There are also numerous restaurants, pubs and nightclubs for night owls. One thing is for certain, the decades of tourism on the island has not subdued the Greek culture at all and its noticeable presence can be easily seen. They might frown at the behaviour of tourists but they don’t influence their Greek identity.

For the wanderer a walk from the town to the site of the old windmills is worthwhile in the early morning before the crowds of tourists arrive and the temperature heats up. Generally, the most popular activity is sunbathing on the many beaches around the island. Between June and August there is hardly a square inch of sun lounger left to rent but it is still a relaxing way to wile away a few days and just soak up the sun with the knowledge that there is little rain in the summer months to disturb relaxing in the sun.

For those holiday makers who want a go at diving atParadiseBeachthere is a dive centre where all the range of diving activities take place. You can do the full PADI course, which once completed can be used to dive anywhere in the world. If it is simply just a look at the undersea world then snorkelling is also available at a fraction of the cost of diving activities.

If cuisine is your interest area then there are plenty of good authentic Greek restaurants offering all the classic favourites such as moussaka, stuffed vine leaves and souvlaki washed down with a locally brewed beer, a glass of wine and a tot of ouzo if it suits your taste. Fish dishes and traditional meat dishes are also plentiful in the restaurants particularly sea bass and calamari. You won’t find any McDonalds or KFC in the town or for that matter on the island.

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