Exploring the Caribbean Islands

When deciding where to vacation, you have many options as a traveler.  If your requirements include sun, beaches and palm trees, the Caribbean should be top of mind.  Not only is it filled with many spectacular islands but it also includes an assortment of great activities and attractions.

So which islands do most people vacation to?  A few of the most popular include Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos,Jamaica and St. Lucia.  The beauty is unsurpassed and the culture is rich.  Each island offers its own flavor of tropical paradise but all are filled many activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

The main types of activities on the islands involve the water and beach.  For an extremely relaxing vacation, simply lay out on one of the many soft white sand beaches.  Pack a good book and enjoy a tropical drink and you have locked in a relaxing and effortless afternoon.

For those people looking to be more adventurous, the waters provide a wide array of activities including snorkeling, scuba, deep sea fishing and kayaking.  The Caribbean waters are crystal clear and give way to a perfect opportunity to enjoy a day on the water.  Snorkeling around these islands are also ideal.  The tropical fish are in abundance and the clear water optimizes the experience.

Where ever you go, there are many attractions to keep you crawling around the island.  St. Lucia has The Pitons and Puerto Rico has El Yunque rainforest.  The Pitons are an iconic landmark on the island while El Yunque drapes the land in lush vegetation and provides unique experiences such as zip-lining.

Aside from great activities, the islands also allow you to branch out and get a taste of the rich culture.  One of the best includes the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro in Puerto Rico.  This old fortress has withstood several hundred years and is a staple in Old San Juan.

The Caribbean is a viable option for people looking to take a vacation.  Why travel to Hawaii when you can spend less and get there in half the amount of time by choosing the Caribbean as your destination!

The Caribbean is also perfect for honeymoons.

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