Costa Rica beach weddings can be an affordable option when it comes to deciding to forgo a traditional-type wedding in the vicinity of home. Plus, the idea of combining the wedding with the honeymoon at one of those Costa Rican resort areas has to also be an added enticement. With the market for these activities growing, and the dollar buying so much down there, people can get a lot of bang for their wedding buck, it looks like.Costa Rica Beach Wedding

Cost Rica is in the warm and sunny Caribbean, for starters, which is sure to be pleasing to many people. This is because they can combine the wedding with the honeymoon in some of the most beautiful and memorable locales in that part of the world. And there’s no end to breathtaking beaches and abundant nature to serve as the perfect backdrop.

What’s really attractive is that there are a number of excellent wedding planning companies in Cost Rica which are set up to handle almost every aspect of the wedding, right down to the cake and all desired photography. Many of them offer packages tailored to almost any budget and need for convenience and simplicity.

Most of these companies, as an example, offer what’s termed an ‘elopement package.’ These cover just about everything, including a local lawyer to take care of the paperwork and even perform the ceremony, complete with witnesses and bouquet for the bride. They arrange for a beach-side wedding site, too, and will even sell the couple a range of all-inclusive honeymoon stays, for after the wedding ceremony.

The need to consider Cost Rica weddings as an attractive alternative to more old-style weddings is growing in importance along with the desire by many couples for a ‘getaway marriage.’ The country itself offers a tropical location and white sandy beaches on which to get married and then have a memorable honeymoon. And when you factor in the cost of some traditional ceremonies these days, it’s easy to see why these weddings are growing more popular every year.

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