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The Perfect Weekend Getaway with Budapest City Breaks


By Visions of Domino

Planning to go somewhere nice and exotic for the summer holiday? Budapest city breaks are surely your top choices for a long weekend get away. Budapest had been home to various travelers and vacation-seekers wanting to experience an all-new environment filled with amazing culture and history. This intriguing place had been founded from the villages of Buda and Pest on opposite sides separated by the Danube River, which in turn connects the two communities.

As Hungary’s capital, this place had experienced a lot since the early centuries but has never lost its appeal and charm over time. This amazing city is widely known for its intricate architecture, elegant structures and façade, quant boulevards and picturesque scenes. Budapest city breaks include a great list of tours and packages that tourists will surely enjoy. Don’t ever miss the chance of seeing one of Europe’s biggest synagogue and the second largest in the world. The city is proud to have one of the largest churches and Baroque Castles in the whole world, perfect for picture takings and tours.

Other attractions Budapest city breaks offer are the seven wonderful islands of Danube: Shipyard Island, Margaret Island, Csepel Island, Palotai-sziget (now a peninsula), Népsziget, Háros-sziget, and Molnár-sziget. These islands are a beauty in itself that are host to various sports activities, leisure and recreational stuffs. Theme parks, dance clubs, sports arena and fitness centers are available for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. The fabulous place of Budapest also doesn’t run out of nightlife, parties and entertainment or their famous “bench-partying.”

If you are concerned with budget, Budapest offers great inns and hotel accommodations at reasonable prices. You can choose from lavish rooms with a touch of Budapest ethnicity or simple yet cozy quarters situated at the heart of the city. With Budapest city breaks, your trip will surely be as pleasant and wonderful like no other.

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